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We offer much more than protection for your CD’s. As a total digital media packaging provider, Univenture has many solutions for your disc packaging needs whether you distribute CD, DVD, CD-ROM, CD-R, 80mm or HiDef. Our company offers impressive, yet affordable solutions while providing additional support services including collation, graphic insertion, labeling, bundling and bulk or drop shipping.

Safety-sleeve® Is Key to Univenture's Success

Since its inception in 1988, Univenture's key to success has been the patented Safety-sleeve® construction used in its products.

Ross O. Youngs whose educational background exposed him to environmental science and industrial engineering founded Univenture, Inc. That unique blending focused his attention on conservation of both ecological and economic resources. Combining this with his extensive work experience in the engineering of optical and Videodiscs, he invented a package that can only protects the discs but also conserves resources during their manufacture and throughout the entire package lifecycle.

The Safety-sleeve® is constructed with a non-woven polyester clean room material which utilizes no chemical binders in the fibers or laminate and will not shed or form lint. Its fibers actually suspend the disc above the material while allowing small dirt and debris particles to fall to its base and become trapped, away from the disc surface. This helps prevents scratches and dust from disrupting the laser beam from reading the disc and causing distortion during playback. The Safety-sleeve® has gained a reputation as a is superior form of packaging.

It is this construction that offers the unique properties of optimum protection while minimizing bulk and clutter found with typical hard plastic jewel boxes. Because of that substantial difference in weight, Safety-sleeve® reduce mailing costs. Also they will not shatter or crack in shipment, so expensive padded mailers are not necessary.

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